Jenny Quicksall Photography


On Top Of The World


This gorgeous couple’s beautiful engagement session is featured on The Westchester Wedding Planner!  Click here to see the feature.

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing Jamie and Brandon are as a couple.  They are so loving, caring and playful with one another.  I am so excited and looking forward to their wedding next April at Hartley Botanica.

When I first met Jamie and Brandon, we chatted for a while over coffee about what they envision for their wedding day and it is clear that they are going to have one amazing party!  We also talked about how Brandon proposed to her and here’s what she said about their Paris proposal story…

“It happened to be the coldest Day on December 21, 2016 while we were in Paris and we had lunch reservations for the Eiffel Tower. We all attended lunch as a family and had the greatest time, then decided we had to go to the top.  Well it was so windy and cold, I was miserable but couldn’t miss that view…Brandon was acting so scared of heights and he didn’t want to move out of the spot he was in but I was frustrated because it was so windy all I wanted to do was walk around, take a photo, and get DOWN!!!!! I did not even think about him proposing at the time… I tried to get him to walk with me but he wouldn’t so I got frustrated and told him then let’s take a photo right where we were standing because I was so cold.  He gave his mom his phone to take a photo of us but instead she took a video.  I posed for this “photo” and then turned to enjoy the view, when this girl in front of me said to her boyfriend ‘OMG look she’s getting proposed to!’ Well I whipped around so fast to see who was being proposed to, and saw Brandon on one knee with a beautiful ring looking at me.  My heart just about sank as my eyes filled with tears! He didn’t have to say much because I was so overjoyed and couldn’t believe it was happening!  I was so nervous he stood there putting the ring on my shaking finger! I was in such awe the rest of our fairytale trip! Everything stopped in that moment, the wind, the cold temps, nothing was ruining Brandon’s proposal and the best part was all I could say was, ‘It was about damn time!’ ”

Jenny Quicksall