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Lauren + Kevin: Bold Vibrant Indian Wedding


Bright colors and SO much fun!  This pretty much sums up this wedding for me.  I absolutely love the colors Lauren and Kevin chose for their wedding.  The pops of colors brought everything to life!  And all the details and jewelry and Lauren wore?!  STUNNING!  She was such a beautiful bride.  I was also so floored by how intricate and lovely Lauren's henna tattoo was, both on her hands and feet.  It's such a talent to be able to draw such beautiful designs.  

Lauren and Kevin each had 11 bridesmaids and groomsmen on each side.  Did you count that up yet?  That's right... they had 22 people in their bridal party!  That's 24 people in one photo (including the bride and groom)!!  This was definitely the largest bridal party I've ever photographed!  But boy did they make the photos fun!  

Kevin's baraat was one of the highlights of the day!  He came in riding in a car that I can only describe as a part bat mobile and part secret spy mobile.  As you can tell I'm not well versed in the sports car world so if you know what car he rode in please leave a comment below and enlighten me.  

The reception was so much fun!  The bridesmaids and groomsmen performed a dance for the couple that depicted the way the couple met.  Kudos to who ever choreographed it!  I had a glimpse of it earlier in the day while they were getting ready and were practicing their moves so I knew I was in for a show! 

Here are some of the photos from the evening!