Jenny Quicksall Photography


Christine + Larry: St. Denis Church + The Colony House Wedding


Christine and Larry are one of the sweetest couples ever!  When we first chatted over the phone I immediately knew their wedding was going to be a fun one.  Christine is so sweet and caring and Larry is just the perfect gentleman.  They truly make a beautiful couple.  

They chose to have their wedding ceremony at the church where Larry grew up and his family attends regularly.  It was such a perfect place to say their I Do's in front of their friends and families.  The Catholic ceremony was filled with so much love and tradition.  

Their wedding reception was held at The Colony House.  The industrial vibe of the venue, with lots of brick and metal, was really softened by the flowers and candles that Christine chose for the reception decor.  The mood was very romantic and it really suited the couple.  

As the bridal party and newlyweds entered the room for their grand entrance, I couldn't even hear my own thoughts as everyone in the room cheered and clapped with so much joy.  The couple had their first dance immediately following their grand entrance and it was nothing short of amazing.  As they danced, I can see Larry's eyes fill up with tears as he asks softly, "Is this you?"  I had no idea at first why he would ask her that, but then it dawned on me... The song they were dancing to was sung by Christine herself.  Jaw. Dropping. Moment.  

I think I may have cried a bit behind my camera.  Just kidding.  I was fully crying.  It was one of the most romantic and touching first dances I have witnessed.  And her voice?  It was like an angel.  

The rest of the night was all about dancing and celebrating the new couple. Everyone was up and dancing and enjoying the night!