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Published In Bridal Guide Magazine: Michelle + Kylin Hawaii Wedding


I've been dyyyyiiiing to show you guys photos from this incredible Hawaii wedding!  Now that it's out on newsstands, I finally can!  This wedding is printed in Bridal Guide Magazine.  

Michelle and Kylin tied the knot at Waimea Valley on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.  It was such a beautiful location... everything is so green, colorful, and lush. There's even a peacock roaming around! You can feel the dewy mist in the air and the smell of fresh grass and clean air.  Something we desperately need in Los Angeles.  

They chose colorful colors (a mix of yellow/orange, green, pink, blue and white) and tons of King Protea flowers! Michelle's bridesmaids all chose different dresses with a mix of prints and solids, while the guys offset the colors beautifully with their grey slacks and white button downs. 

But before we move on, I want to chat about a much debated and thought about topic: Do we do a first look or not?  The answer is really up to each couple.  Some PROS for a first look: you get a few minutes of alone time to see each other and get your nerves settled before the ceremony, you're able to get some portraits done while your makeup and hair is still fresh, we can even get some family portraits done before the ceremony and allow family members to join cocktail hour after the ceremony.  A CON for a first look: you won't have that "oh my gosh, I'm seeing my partner at the alter for the first time" moment.  This con can be a big one for many, and can outweigh the pros for a first look.  Whatever you decide, be sure that the decision is not swayed by other people.  The decision should come from the two of you because, after all, this is your wedding day.  

Michelle and Kylin decided not to have a first look.  They wanted to wait to see each other for the first time until the ceremony.  Check out the photos below of when they first saw each other.  

Friends and family dined and danced the evening away, learned to do the hula and took in a fire dancer show!  Truly a destination Hawaii wedding! 

Here are some photos of their wedding.  Please enjoy!