Jenny Quicksall Photography


Inn Of The Seventh Ray Rustic Wedding

I remember when I first met Bonnie and Greg.  We immediately connected and were chit chatting like old friends.  It’s easy to fall in love with a couple that are so much in love and genuinely sweet and caring people.

Bonnie and Greg tied the knot at Inn of the Seventh Ray at the end of May this year.   Located in the hills of Topanga Canyon in Southern California, Inn of the Seventh Ray is a beautiful rustic wedding venue with lots of charm and greenery.

Bonnie said, “We knew we wanted a lush outdoor garden-type setting and a pretty relaxed, informal vibe for our wedding. We were immediately enthralled with how beautiful [the venue] was… the trees and greenery everywhere, the waterfalls, the twinkly lights. It was magical and felt like we’d stepped into a different world.”

In choosing her colors Bonnie described, “We wanted a color palette for the wedding instead of everyone matching.  We decided on a palette of dusty blue, light peach, blush pink, a muted mint green, and a dark purplish wine color, with copper as an accent (a color I’ve always loved). Each of my bridesmaids wore a different color, and I let them choose their dresses. They all looked stunning! Each of the groomsmen also wore a different color tie, and the whole wedding party looked amazing together.”

The couple chose to work with Exotic Green Garden for their florist.  Bonnie wanted certain flowers to be incorporated in their arrangements, she said, “I really wanted white anemones with blue centers (which were on our invitations), blue thistles, wine dahlias, and seeded eucalyptus. [The florist] also suggested peach David Austin roses, blush pink parrot tulips, dusty miller, peach stock, pink astilbe, peach coffee berries, and purple anemones.  I also wanted to include rattlesnake grass in the arrangements, which looks like rattlesnake rattlers and grows wild in Northern California where I grew up, as a nod to my roots. Since I’ve never seen it in Southern California, I had my stepmom in Santa Cruz collect some before the wedding.”

“When deciding on a unity ceremony, we fell in love with the tying of a fisherman’s knot. We loved the symbolism of a bond that grows stronger under pressure, but still shows the separate cords, showing our individuality as well as our bond. My mother-in-law got some silk cords for us to use in green and blue, and after some practice, it worked out perfectly!”

After the father/ daughter dance, and mother/ son dance, Bonnie and her bridesmaids surprised Greg with a dance choreographed to “Somebody Loves You” by Betty Who.  It was so much fun capturing their and especially Greg’s expressions during this performance!

Here’s how Bonnie and her bridesmaids prepared, “Neither me nor the only two of my bridesmaids that were able to help me plan (as the rest lived far away) are dancers, so it was a scary idea. A talented friend of ours choreographed and taught us a dance for the first minute of the song, which we practiced dozens of times. My two sisters who were bridesmaids and are also both dancers came into town just before the wedding, and we were able to teach it to them and practice it a few times at the 11th hour; luckily they caught on immediately. So we felt confident enough to perform it at the wedding, and luckily pulled it off amazingly, which was a huge accomplishment and so much fun!!”

“We incorporated all the things into our wedding day that were important to us and that reflected our relationship and interests, and skipped all the traditions that didn’t resonate with us. We made our ceremony very short and sweet (about 10 minutes), hand-picked our entire playlist because we’re both music lovers, and left out the things that we didn’t like (like the bouquet and garter tosses) and no one missed them. We are so thrilled with how everything came together; it was a beautiful, fun day filled with love, music, and family and friends that had an amazing time, and we ended up married, and that’s all we could ask for!!”

And I couldn’t have asked for more than photographing this amazing couple on their wedding day and creating memories for them to last a lifetime!

Thank you Bonnie and Greg, for allowing me to follow my passion and the honor for getting to know you both.  Congratulations on your marriage and I wish you lots of love and beautiful memories!

Jenny Quicksall